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Let's dive into the wild journey of how "Ultra MAGA" went from a presidential label to the hottest trend on T-shirts and the ultimate mark of support for the Trump 47 Committee.

Once upon a time in the land of politics, President Joe Biden, after a six-month deep dive into the MAGA universe, coined the term "Ultra MAGA." Little did he know, this term would be embraced, not rejected, by Republicans across the nation. They turned it into a badge of honor, a symbol of unyielding dedication, and of course, some seriously cool T-shirts!


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The T-Shirt Revolution

The House Republican campaign arm saw the potential and rolled out "Ultra MAGA" T-shirts, sparking a fashion revolution among the faithful. These shirts aren't just clothing—they're statements. Each thread woven with the essence of patriotism, every stitch a testament to the cause

Ultra Contributions

Taking it up a notch, the Trump 47 Committee, in their quest for greatness, established the highest level of contributions: Ultra MAGA. For the dedicated few who contribute a staggering $814,600, they earn this prestigious title, aligning themselves with the pinnacle of MAGA loyalty.

The Meme Project

And now, we bring you the Ultra MAGA $ULTRA Meme Project! This is where creativity meets patriotism. Here’s what you need to know:


Capture the essence of "Ultra MAGA" in your memes. Think bold, think proud, think ultra!


Blend political satire, humorous takes on current events, and a dash of nostalgia for the MAGA era.


Share your memes on social media with the hashtag #UltraMAGA, and join the community of like-minded meme warriors.


The best memes will be featured on our official Ultra MAGA $ULTRA page, and the creators will earn the honorary title of Meme Patriot.



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